Vintage mirror collection. Robert Young Antiques.

Bzzz Honey

Indoor Table by Manoteca

this will always be my favorite desk… my first project for when ireturn home. 

Paper cups/art by Cecilia Levy.

 Viktor Matic


NOBODY - Chair
Thermo-pressed PET-felt mat. Single manufacturing process. No frame, additives, glue or resins. PET felt is 100% recyclable material produced mainly of used soda/water bottles.
Design by: Komplot Design

I thought I remembered reading that these chairs were originally designed for use in jails?Aha! So they were. Unfortunately the designers had taken so long trying to think of a chair that couldn’t be used as a weapon, wouldn’t make too much noise if thrown against a wall and would stand up to brutal use and would not act as a hiding place for weapons or other forbidden materials that the Swedish jail who had originally commisionned the idea dropped the project. Thank goodness they kept working on the idea!